SCA of the UAE Forex explained

The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) stands as a distinct governmental body within the United Arab Emirates (UAE), charged with the vital task of overseeing and regulating trading in securities and commodities. This jurisdiction also extends to encompass forex brokers, who, in conjunction with the UAE's Central Bank, are subject to SCA's regulatory framework. It's noteworthy, however, that the Forex brokers regulated by SCA of the UAE are prohibited from conducting business or providing services in Dubai, where a separate regulatory authority known as the DFSA holds sway. The UAE's multi-regulatory landscape may seem intricate, yet it significantly bolsters investor security, with SCA-regulated forex brokers generally earning trust as reliable entities. To facilitate a seamless discovery of the best SCA of the UAE regulated Forex brokers, we've diligently compiled an inclusive broker list below.
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Established in 2001, the SCA assumes a pivotal role in upholding the integrity of financial markets by championing transparency, deterring illicit activities, safeguarding investors, and ensuring equitable market conduct. This remit extends to the licensing of forex brokers, alongside its governance of stock exchanges and investment firms. Adherence to SCA's rules and guidelines is imperative for Forex brokers under the SCA of the UAE to sustain their licenses. Notably, retail forex traders are subject to a maximum leverage ratio of 1:50, signifying their capacity to trade with a value only up to 50 times their account balance—a prudent measure designed to mitigate the perils of overleveraged trading, particularly perilous for less-experienced traders. Altogether, forex brokers under the UAE's SCA aegis predominantly exemplify reliability, operating in harmony with regulatory stipulations and extending equitable treatment to clients, all while observing a maximum 1:50 leverage threshold for forex pairs.

FAQs about SCA of the UAE

Who regulates Forex brokers in the UAE?

The Securities and Commodities Authority or SCA oversees and regulates the Forex brokers for transparency and fair client treatment. SCA is an independent regulator and is responsible for issuing licenses for Forex brokers.

Can SCA-regulated Forex brokers operate in Dubai?

No, Dubai has its regulator called DFSA or the Dubai Financial Services Authority which is a regulatory body overseeing Forex brokers in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

What's the maximum leverage for the UAE retail Forex traders under SCA?

The maximum leverage allowed by the SCA of the UAE for Forex brokers under its jurisdiction is capped at 1:50 for Forex retail trading.